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So what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You have probably heard the term before but do you really know what it means? Basically it means exactly what it says Search Engine Optimization. If you build a website and want people to find it, you need it optimized so google and other search engines will like it. If you go and build a website and buy a dot com and put your site on the internet and hope people will find it, keep hoping because no body will find it with out optimization. Optimization basically makes the search engines love your website. It takes time to do and it takes time to rank a website sometimes weeks other times months.

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When SEO Is Done Im Good?

So after your website is ranked your site will stay on google where it is right? no it won’t. SEO takes work every week different things need to be done on the back end of your website to keep your ranking up. Some companies will get you noticed on google and then that is it. The work isn’t done there. The work needs to continue to keep you where you are or keep you moving up. That is how google separates the real companies from the over night ones.  They watch, and see if work is being done on the site constantly or if work just stops. and they monitor and they will shift your site around as a test.

Google is a big company, and they have different algorithms that watch and track websites. When work is done on the back end of a website google knows and they watch to see if it will continue or if it will stop. If it stops they tend to just move your site around. When Google and other search engines see there is work done more constantly they then say “i like this site, its legit” and will continue to make your site happy because you make them happy. There is a lot of work that goes into the back end of website work and we are here to ease the burden and do all the hard work for you. SEO is no easy task and not a fast one either. It takes time, time and more time. There is no way to rush the process correctly. When we do the process for you we do it the right way.

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