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Local Listings

What AreĀ Local Listings?

There are thousands of free online business listings where you can add your business information (Think Yellow Pages) It’s free exposure for your business! The problem is many of these business listing sites get your info wrong, Which can hurt your local search ranking. Google relies on accurate listings to decide whether to list your business in local search results or not. The JMH Group can manage all of your business directory listings, ensuring that your information is accurate, updated, consistent and optimized for your local keywords so both google and your customers can find you, and trust your information online.

Two Pins Showing Local Listing Designs By The JMH Group LLC
Free Website Audit Picture For The JMH Group LLC

How Do Local Listings Help SEO?

O.K. so as you just read up there, local listings are basically where your company is listed all over the internet. now when you have a new website its basically like having a word document on your computer. No one knows that the website and or business exist. So how do we get people to see your company? We go through and list your company in every data base locally and nationally so your company will be found. We Have specific items we also do for local business to gain them more traction in the field they are in. People use to use phone books to find services and companies, and some people still do, But nowadays most people use the internet and if they google the service you provide with “Near Me” google will pull all of those services it will even pull yours but you won’t find it on the first or second page of google. You will find it at the last page. Why? well that’s because google doesn’t trust your site. It has no idea if you are a real company or spam. That’s where we come in. We correct everything with the internet and make your site trustworthy and reliable. Check us out!