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Google My Business

So lets start by talking about google my business. What is it? How can it help YOUR business? well for one it helps you get on google maps and makes a good impact with ranking as well. We have put together some tips and tricks for you to get the most out of google my business. There are plenty of tips and tricks out there but we put together a list of things that will help every business owner in optimizing google my business with out breaking the bank, Actually the tips and tricks are free and not hard to accomplish by your self whether your a small start up company working by yourself or you a big corporation trying to drive more customers to your site. So here is a list of things you can do to optimize your google listing. Many people skip some of these items and while most times the impact is minimal some of these items can greatly increase your ranking on maps, because lets face it when your looking for a service or product you hop on google and type in what your looking for and 90% of the time you go to that first map listing that is not an add. Unless you looking for a product you go to that first website that is an organic listing and also not a paid add. Google has been changing the came for marketing for a while and they are starting to crack down on "fake listings" which would be a listing put up at an address that doesn't exist just to drive traffic to a product or service (more on that another time). so with out more of my rambling here are the top 4 tips. (yes 4 tips because we can't give away all our tips and tricks for nothing) we recommend to make your google listing stand out above the competition. Don't have time to make these changes? give us a all or shoot us a message we an do all the work for you.

Fill out all information to the fullest. it is exactly like it says when you first create a listing it will say XX% completed make sure you get that to 100% the way to do that is to fill out all of the information. The description, pictures, hours, areas you service or location, Services you provide, website, phone number EVERYTHING!! this first one is a given but you would be surprised how many companies don't utilize this feature.

Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures. Yes add pictures the more pictures the better!! if you complete a job add those pictures, Working on a new site add pictures google likes to see you login in and out of the GMB platform because lets face it they see everything. So throw up some pictures of Johnny fixing the drywall cracks or Evan installing mulch every picture helps! there is no wrong picture, Also add a caption to a picture so your audience knows what you are showing them.

Customer Reviews. This has a lot of influence on most listings if you and your competitor service the same areas and they have 20 reviews and you have 0 when some one googles "Lawn Care Near Me" and he comes up first and you come up further down on the maps, its most likely because of reviews. We have seen business with 0 reviews come in at the bottom of the page but their website shows up on page 1 all because they have no reviews. So stay on top of the customer when a job is completed send them a review link or an email even shoot them a call to see if you can get them to leave a review. it will help you with the ranking of your GMB listing. But DO NOT i mean DO NOT have your friends leave reviews for services that were not done, google sees things and your GMB could be flagged and or suspended if this happens and they find out. So go get those reviews!

Last but not least POSTS POSTS POSTS. what do we mean by posts? well create a post with a call to action button (learn more, Call now, More Info ETC) most companies don't have time to sit on the phone and type up posts saying look at this new job we completed. or check out this monster tree we just removed. but posts set you apart from the competition. So start posting add it to your daily routine and keep up with it, keep up with your GMB listing you will thank us in the long run when you drive more customers and turn those into sales and sales into money. post post post.

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So if you want to make the changes your self great! if you don't have time because you are running a business we are here to help. Those are just 4 free tips and yes we went with 4 since number 5 is usually a paid one and the rest of the tips well it took us a long time to master the system so we figured we would save some of those secrets for our clients. If you have any questions, comments concerns or need help with anything reach out to us anytime we are always here to help and offer free business consultations.

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