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Tips To Help You Succeed On Google

Welcome back to our blog, we are going to give you some tips and tricks to help rank your business on google. first lets start by talking about google and why its so important. Millions of people use google every single day to search for services and other things they may need. I know when i need something other than amazon i head over to google and do a quick search. Google has become a huge part of the digital world with all it has to offer. So below you will find some tips and tricks on how to get your site to rank “better” on google and what google likes and doesn’t like when you are trying to rank a site.

  • Google crawls pages for keywords. So make sure your keywords are relevant to what your product or service is. Don’t over do the keyword part of google. They do not like seeing the keyword plastered everywhere in your content I.E. Johns Plumbing New York Has The Best Johns Plumbing In New York. You get the idea Make your content as natural and normal sounding as possible .
A Picture Of A Little Store With A G For Google My Business By The JMH Group
  • Google my business. Google my business is a big deal these days and only getting bigger. Basically its the Facebook for businesses. Google tried their shot at social media with google plus and well….. we all know what happened with that. it didn’t do so well. I even dove in to google plus for a little while and tried to get things going but people and businesses were just not taking to it since Facebook already established dominance in the social media industry and there isn’t room for many more. So head over to google my business and get your self an account and if it seems like too much get in contact with us and we would be glad to help you set it up and optimize it for the best ranking possible
  • Google Ads… this one is a no brainer. Google ads actually will help you target the audience you want to target. It will also help you rank. Sure it cost money. But the ads do work if done properly by a professional. We have personally took on several clients that just wanted us to help optimize the ad spend. I went in and had to obviously change some things around but now they are getting the moneys worth. When doing ads it takes some trial and error sometimes to see what works and what doesn’t work. Since we have been in the business a good long while we know what works and what doesn’t work for most services.


  • This is the last one i will leave you with because if i give away all the tips and tricks i will lose all of my business. When trying to rank your website higher make sure you didn’t “set it and forget it” see when google sees no changes no new pictures no added content and then they see mike the contractor constantly updating and adding pages and info they are going to slowly move mike around since they see he is making an effort to better his website and he just isn’t a bot that put a website up and left it alone.


There are many more tips and tricks that i may or may not be releasing as time goes on. If you are interested feel free to follow our blog we should have a sign up sheet or something coming along shortly or a link somewhere to click to subscribe so keep following along feel free to comment or don’t. As always we are here to help your business succeed with everything that has happened in 2020 everyone could use a lift. we are now more then ever available for what ever your need shoot us an email or visit the rest of our site and we talk to you soon. Thanks for reading.

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